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Prayer Can't Wait - 2011 Fall Sermon Series | CD

Prayer Can't Wait -  2011 Fall Sermon Series | CD
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The theme of our sermon series that opened the year is continued as we move toward the last season, and the thesis is straightforward: There are unseen forces that influence our lives. It is true in the physical world and it is true in the spiritual world as well. The Church of Jesus Christ desperately needs to live with that imagination because, at the heart of our faith, is a living God Who is dramatically involved with His people in the earth. God is real, and there is a certainty in life that comes from believing in Him. If we open our hearts to God, He will transform our lives. Prayer is the key, and some simple statements are a part of our discussion:

“ Prayer is a significant tool from God, enabling us to interact with the unseen - protecting us from vulnerability and strengthening our alignment with Godís purposes.

“ Belief helps the unseen come into view in our lives - what we believe matters and holds tremendous power in our lives and our perspective is pivotal.

“ There are doors that God will and desires to open in our lives if we will invest the effort to respond through our choices.

Prayer changes us - it can become a powerful force to release Godís will in our lives.