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The Authority of a Believer | DVD

The Authority of a Believer | DVD
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Sermon delivered by G. Allen Jackson
As seen on TV through Intend Ministries July 24, 2011
Sermon Date: July 10, 2011

The premise of this message is that God has made an investment of authority in every person who has chosen to become a Christ-follower in order to accomplish His purposes in the earth. Further, power exceeding our own physical ability and intellectual processes is demonstrated through that authority - an authority that has its origins in spiritual things. The challenge for the Western Church, however, is understanding the authority God has given us. Essential to that is gaining the imagination that spiritual things are real and that our true struggle is not against “flesh and blood” but “against the (spiritual) powers of this dark world”. Jesus triumphed over “powers and authorities” through His cross; and wisdom and discernment are necessary to recognize the truth and make room in our imagination and understanding of God for spiritual things. Pastor Allen uses practical aspects of life in modern-day Israel as he shares a few fundamental Biblical principles about spiritual authority that will help us with that: our need to be “self-controlled and alert” regarding the plans of the devil; being familiar with the divine weapons of our warfare; the need to understand our battlefields and that the battlefields are in our minds; and recognizing that God has empowered us with His authority in the earth. Pastor Allen concludes with a prayer that, by the Spirit of the living God, we would become more aware of the power of the cross and a resurrected Christ than any of the challenges that stand before us.