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Empowered - Almighty God | CD

Empowered - Almighty God | CD
Item# CD1122

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Sermon delivered by G. Allen Jackson
October 20, 2013

Pastor Allen leads us in a study of Luke 8:41-48, the scriptures which tell the story of a woman, sick for many years, who touches the hem of Jesusí garment while he is walking through the city on his way to heal the daughter of synagogue ruler. We learn through Pastorís teaching, that this scripture is not only a story about the miraculous, healing power of Jesus, but also about His compassion for real, flawed people like ourselves. In addition to Jesusí compassion in this scripture, we also see the perseverance of a woman who is desperate for a miracle. In order to reach her Healer, she had to make a decision to overcome all the obstacles, both physical and social, that were in her way. Do you believe that the decisions we make toward God can unleash power in our lives? Listen as Pastor Allen teaches us that our decisions and our perseverance to follow God will help to keep us motivated toward the Harvest that is coming.