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Great Beginnings, Great Endings - Learners | CD

Great Beginnings, Great Endings - Learners | CD
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Sermon delivered by G. Allen Jackson
December 11, 2011

Pastor Allen continues his Advent Season series concerning great beginnings and great endings. Christmas celebrates a remarkable beginning – God coming to live among us. Scripture says that when the time was just right, God sent His Son, born or a woman, born under law, to redeem us – to purchase us back and change the course of human destiny. The Christmas celebration, however, would never have endured as it has across the centuries, through all the cultures, empires, and political regimes that have come and gone, if it were not for the way Jesus ended His life. Jesus’ redemptive work - his death, burial, and resurrection – makes His birth story even more dramatic; and there is a parallel in our own lives, especially seen through the lives of the Apostles. “Learners” examines the lives of several apostles as they accepted Jesus’ invitation to follow Him. Learning to embrace Jesus’ invitation to follow Him and His direction for our lives is a great beginning. Christ-followers continue to learn under the tutelage of the Lord – learning about spiritual realities with specificity, learning to seek the Lord actively, and learning about realms of spiritual authority, especially through prayer. Learning from the Lord is a great beginning and leads to even greater endings.