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Growing up "in Christ" | DVD

Growing up "in Christ" | DVD
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Sermon delivered by G. Allen Jackson
As seen on TV through Intend Ministries August 21, 2011
Sermon Date: July 31, 2011

Pastor Allen’s thesis in this message is that ‘Growing up in Christ’ is not the result of chronological movement - something that happens with the passage of time. Rather, growing up in Christ – spiritually maturing - is the direct result of purposefully intentional choices we make. It will not happen by accident, nor can it happen by simply attending church each weekend. It requires continually yielding our lives to the Lordship of Jesus Christ – humbly choosing to become a learner and allowing the Spirit of God to be our teacher and guide, transforming us in the likeness of the Lord as we cooperate with Him. Growth, however, is always awkward. It is very awkward to be exposed to things we cannot resolve on our own. It is awkward to find ourselves with limited capability to fix the problem, whatever it may be, and to have to trust in the Lord for the solution. Jesus led His disciples through an awkward moment like this when He fed the five thousand with five loaves and two fish. The disciples found themselves in a unique arena of ministry with a problem they did not ask for, one they attempted to hand off to Jesus. He handed it back to them with specific directions, and the implementation phase of this event was the awkward part for the disciples. Nevertheless, in obedience to Jesus, yielding to His instruction and by faith trusting His word, they walked through one of the greatest miracles depicted in Scripture. God has instilled in one of us an instinct to grow. Pastor Allen invites us to cooperate with Him and embrace a thankful attitude of heart that proclaims, “I want God’s best,” and to say to the Lord, “I want to grow up.” Growing up in Christ makes an impact – it will help us flourish in our faith.