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The Holy Spirit Today | DVD

The Holy Spirit Today | DVD
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Sermon delivered by G. Allen Jackson
As seen on TV through Intend Ministries January 29, 2012
Sermon Date: January 15, 2012

Our focus continues in this series on the Person and the work of God’s Holy Spirit. Life comes with inescapable problems – times when we need greater help from God. He provided our answer, having sent His Spirit into the earth to indwell His people to be our Helper. What is the Holy Spirit doing in the earth today, and how can we cooperate with Him? Pastor Allen shares an important beginning is relating to the Holy Spirit as a person and having a meaningful relationship with Him. Jesus exemplified while on earth - bringing freedom, life, liberty, and hope as a result of His cooperation of the Spirit of God. Jesus is still doing those same things in the earth today through us. He has given us the authority of His Name and the power of His redemptive work to accomplish those same things in our generation – it is our Kingdom assignment. The Holy Spirit empowers the body of Christ, and we need His help to let the power of God be made evident in our generation – help to pray, help to minister, help with victory over sin, and help with the formation of our character.