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If You Can Keep It by Eric Metaxas

<em>If You Can Keep It</em> by Eric Metaxas
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Eric Metaxas’s latest release is now available!

If You Can Keep It: The Forgotten Promise of American Liberty

#1 New York Times bestselling author Eric Metaxas delivers an extraordinary book that is part history and part manifesto, steeped in a critical analysis of our founding fathers' original intentions for America.

In 1787, when the Constitution was drafted, a woman asked Ben Franklin what the founders had given the American people. “A republic,” he shot back, “if you can keep it.” Two hundred twenty-nine years later, Metaxas examines what that means, and if we are keeping that original promise of a republic.

If You Can Keep It is at once a thrilling review of America's uniqueness — including our role as a “nation of nations” — and a chilling reminder that America's greatness cannot continue unless we embrace our own crucial role in living out what the founders entrusted to us. The book is a stirring call-to-action for every American to understand the ideals behind the "noble experiment in ordered liberty" that is America — and it paints a sobering picture of the fragility of that experiment and shows how that has been dangerously forgotten. In doing so, it lays out our own responsibility in living out those ideals and carrying on those freedoms.

Metaxas reveals that America is not a nation bounded by ethnic identity or geography, but rather by a radical and unprecedented idea, based upon liberty and freedom for all. He cautions us that it's nearly past time we reconnect to that idea, unless we lose the very foundation of what made us exceptional in the first place.