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Jesus' Friend - The Signs of His Passion | DVD

Jesus' Friend - The Signs of His Passion | DVD
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Sermon delivered by G. Allen Jackson
As seen on TV through Intend Ministries August 5, 2012
Sermon Date: June 17, 2012

This series concludes by examining Jesusí passionate expression of friendship toward us. Jesusí servant hood to His friends in the face of betrayal, rejection, torture, and crucifixion accomplished a transforming work for all those who would be His friend. Jesus was punished that we might be forgiven and died that we might share His life. This expression of friendship demands a response. Yielding and cooperating with Jesusí finished work on earth and His Holy Spirit will bring us to a place of abundant life. We want to cultivate the desire to be Jesusí friend and honor His passionate expression of His friendship.