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Jesus Makes the Difference - Part 1 | DVD

Jesus Makes the Difference - Part 1 | DVD
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Sermon delivered by G. Allen Jackson
As seen on TV through Intend Ministries August 7, 2011
Sermon Date: July 24, 2011

Many things arise to cause divisions in the Church, but all are secondary to Jesus of Nazareth – the very One to Whom our faith is linked; and this message invites us back to the Person of Jesus. Pastor Allen submits that the enthusiasm we bring and the commitment we make to the things of God are directly proportional to what we believe about Jesus. Therefore, he uses the book of Revelation wherein God pulled back the curtain to reveal Jesus, Himself, to describe the One Who is worthy of our complete and total devotion: a Man of sorrows – our complete sacrificial substitution, bearing the rejection due to us that we might be accepted by God; an Old Testament Man – fulfilling the New Covenant by living out the Old Covenant and being the greatest of all the Hebrew prophets; a Man of compassion – showing compassion on the broken and guilty, withholding condemnation to all those who will turn back towards His mercy and grace; a Man of intelligence – exemplifying God’s wisdom used for God’s glory; a Man of tremendous courage – the Good Shepherd laying down His life for His flock, signing His own death warrant before a Roman procurator who could have freed Him; a good Friend – encouraging all those who will put their trust in Him; and finally, a fierce adversary to those who oppose God – One Who will return to the earth as the “Rider” on His white horse and Who is called “faithful and true” and both “judges and makes war”. Pastor Allen ends with a proclamation and prayer that we might receive and believe this revelation of Jesus and walk in the power of Jesus, to accomplish God’s purposes in our lives.