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Just Say Yes to Saying No | CD

Just Say Yes to Saying No | CD
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Sermon delivered by Jim Wideman
June 24, 2012

Next Generation Pastor Jim Wideman explores learning to say yes to saying no. From toddler age, we are told “no”. Cooperating with that instructive warning is not intuitive, even when it comes from God. As Christ-followers, saying “yes” to God’s counsel empowers us to say “no” to ungodly enticements. It takes believing God’s plan for our life is the best. Jesus modeled that perfectly throughout His life and ministry - “yes” to the authority and Word of His Heavenly Father and “no” to the devil’s temptations; “yes” to a personal relationship with God, His Father, and “no” to manmade religious dictates. Choosing to cooperate with God brings good things to our lives.