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You Have a Mighty Source - Series II | CD

You Have a Mighty Source - Series II | CD
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A 5-Part CD Set
The theme of the 2012 Sermon Series continues as we read through the Bible this year, learning the storyline for our benefit and also to share that story with others. "We Have a Mighty Source" is at the heart of the discussion - understanding our abilities and opportunities are directly proportional to the assets of that same source. Pastor Allen invites us, through a daily exposure to the timeline of Scripture, to consider that God is our source - the author of life and redemption. From the creation in Genesis to the prophets of Israel, we watch God's interaction with His people as He invites them to recognize He is their only true source. We have a God-story today with an invitation to trust God as our Mighty Source and to cooperate more fully with His Holy Spirt.