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The People of God | CD

The People of God | CD
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Sermon delivered by G. Allen Jackson
March 4, 2012

This message examines the essence of what is to be the people of God. It starts from within us and begins with the revelation of Godís word. Pastor Allen begins in the New Testament, sharing three essential New Covenant principles Ė Godís divine power through the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus Christ, has given His people everything necessary to lead godly lives; God has given His people very great promises, which He has every intention to fulfill; and His presence will abide by His Spirit with His people forever. There are lessons we can learn and process in these principles, which will inform our journey: God is intentionally and actively present in His people; He desires we live for Him and in His purposes; and the best response to Godís manifold blessings and provision is continual thankfulness and good stewardship. God invites us to believe that He cares about His people and wants the best for our lives.