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Prophetic Destinies - Are You Open? | DVD

Prophetic Destinies - Are You Open? | DVD
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Sermon delivered by G. Allen Jackson
As seen on TV through Intend Ministries August 28, 2011
Sermon Date: August 14, 2011

The subject of Biblical prophecy is many times a passionate one, bringing many opinions and much emotion to the discussion. On one end of the spectrum are those whose Christian lives seem to be defined by their prophetic awareness, who might even watch the evening news with the book of Daniel open in their laps. Conversely, there are those who resist the former, who view prophecy as a bit frightening, irrelevant, or who simply do not trust the veracity of it. Our reality is that the Bible is composed significantly of prophecy. Pastor Allen submits that the primary focus of prophecy is to provide a God-perspective to Godís people. In turn, our perspective of prophecy Ė how we listen to Godís perspective and our response to it - will determine the opportunities that will come to our lives. An awareness of Godís prophetic word, coupled with an understanding of what God is inviting us to, is important in order to find the place God has created us for in this world. This series helps us examine some fundamental ideas that form foundational truths found in the prophetic Word of God with the invitation to cooperate with Godís Holy Spirit in all the opportunities He provides. How open will we be?