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Prophetic Destinies - Beginning and the End | DVD

Prophetic Destinies - Beginning and the End | DVD
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Sermon delivered by G. Allen Jackson
As seen on TV through Intend Ministries September 4, 2011
Sermon Date: August 21, 2011

This sermon series continues on the subject of Biblical prophecy, centering on the idea that it is highly improbable to find our spiritual destiny apart from the prophetic scriptures. This second message focuses on the hope of prophecy, uniquely exploring parallels found on the first chapters of the Bible in Genesis and the last chapters of the Bible found in the book of Revelation. The world we live in today is a tough place to live, growing continually tougher. Itís a more dangerous and less moral place to live, and the turmoil of the nations is increasing. We need hope, and prophecy helps, because Christianity is ultimately a message of hope. Itís not just about heaven at some point in time, but about what God does for us in time and then in eternity. Pastor Allen takes us through the Bible on fast-tract Ė from Genesis where we are introduced to God as Creator and manís origins in His image, to the pain of manís rebellion followed in time by the joy of manís redemption through Godís sacrificial provision - Jesus. Our journey culminates in the book of Revelation with Jesusí return to the earth as King - One Who is ďFaithful and TrueĒ, riding on a white horse in great victory. Jesusí triumph is palpable and the promises revealed of restoration and healing inspire tremendous hope. Jesus said He is coming soon and bringing His reward with Him Ė for all who believe.