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Preparing for a New Year | DVD

Preparing for a New Year | DVD
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Sermon delivered by G. Allen Jackson
As seen on TV through Intend Ministries March 9, 2014
Sermon Date: January 5, 2014

Pastor Allen Jackson uses the story of Elijah and Jezebel to illustrate how people can respond to a God event, and even a supernatural one. Not everyone will repent and believe. Additionally, not everyone will respond in faith moving forward from the God events they’ve experienced. Receiving from God and maintaining what we receive are very different things. Even though Elijah was a part of some amazing supernatural God experiences, he still was afraid when Jezebel threatened his life. Likewise, despite having heard that Elijah had executed all of the false prophets, Jezebel wasn’t willing to repent. Pastor Allen discusses maintaining the momentum of our God events and avoid being delayed, disrupted, or distracted by our adversary, Satan.