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You Have A Mighty Source - Return & Rebuild | CD

You Have A Mighty Source - Return & Rebuild | CD
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Sermon delivered by G. Allen Jackson
May 13, 2012 PM

The theme of the 2012 Sermon Series continues as we read through the Bible this year, learning the storyline for our benefit and also to share that story with others. Our final message in this series focuses on the Israelite’s return to their covenant land after exile to Assyria and Babylon. Daniel is exiled in Babylon and studies the earlier prophetic words of Jeremiah. He receives desperately needed hope for Judah’s return to Jerusalem to rebuild and worship God in the Temple. Then we see Judah’s return, rebuilding, and restoration - of Jerusalem and the new Temple and their spiritual life with the God of Israel. The principle is valuable - prophecy is God’s word to His people, and as we open our hearts to His prophetic messages, we receive hope for our own lives.